Minister of Rural Affairs Tarmo Tamm opening speech

Dear friends of Estonian food!

Autumn is an active time on the food landscape ­– a number of fresh raw materials are becoming available and value added. There are also a number of events devoted to various foods, and companies are preparing overviews and plans for the new year.

The best way to prepare for the future is to be inspired, and to become acquainted with what partners and competitors are doing and thinking. It’s just the right time to get together and exchange valuable information. Tallinn FoodFair offers exactly these kinds of opportunities to anyone active in the food industry.

This year the fair will mark its 25th anniversary. This worthy milestone proves that this is a sustainable undertaking that the target audience highly appreciates and which the Estonian food sector needs. We have an innovative and emerging food sector that wants to exchange information, and our food sector has a lot of exciting things they would like to introduce and explore.

Tallinn FoodFair is an excellent forum for companies to meet and discover new trends and create new collaborative relationships. A prerequisite for development is continuous learning and professional knowledge, and this is precisely what Tallinn FoodFair offers with its programme, where seminars, cooperative conferences and product competitions can be found for every aspect of the food sector.

I am pleased to note that, along with local companies and organizations, the share of foreign visitors is increasing. Cooperation with foreign companies enriches our food sector and brings fresh ideas. Exports and foreign markets are of particular importance for the Estonian food industry.

Participation in the FoodFair is an opportunity for enterprises to stand out. A captivating display sends a message that continues to be broadcast by the media as well as the thousands of visitors to the fair. Participation in the fair supports the image of enterprises and products presented to key target groups.

I would like to wish the organizers of Tallinn FoodFair many new ideas and successful years ahead. I would like to express my appreciation to the staff at Profexpo for your leadership in organising this event; you have established such a necessary place for players in the food sector to gather together, and finally, I would like to wish all the participants many fresh ideas and new contacts!

Tarmo Tamm
Minister of Rural Affairs