Company name BALT-HELLIN AS
Country EST
General phone +372 744 9400
E-mail hellin@hellin.ee
Hall, stand no. C-116
1. General foods and ingredients
2. Meat, meat products, sausages
3. Fish, seafood, shellfish
4. Frozen food and ice-cream products
5. Milk, milk products, cheese
6. Eggs and egg products
7. Culinary products - salads, hotpots
8. Sweets, long life bakery products, cakes
9. Fruit and vegetables, fresh, dried, tinned
10. Bread, bakery products, cakes
11. Oils, fats and margarine
12. Coffee, tea, cocoa powder
21. Bakery, confectionery raw materials, ingredients
22. Other raw materials for food production

Vinkli 17
50411, Tartu