Food fairs in 2016 and 2017

In 2016 8. Tallinn FoodFest will take place 27.-29. October.

Registration begins 6. april 2016 in here:

In 2017 17. Tallinn FoodFair will take place 25.-27. October.

The TFF team has been holding food fairs in Estonia since 1993 and so we have a great deal of experience and knowledge in this sector. We're really looking forward to hosting you at Tallinn FoodFest 2016 and Tallinn FoodFair 2017

16th Tallinn FoodFair was visited by 7230 visitors

16th Tallinn FoodFair, which was held on 28-30 October 2015, continued the tradition of organizing food fairs since 1993.

There were 7230 trade visitors this year.
By field of activity:
catering and hotel business 43%
retail sale 14%
food production 13%
wholesale and import 9%
machines, equipment and IT 4%
associations and organizations 2%
other 15%.

TFF was visited by 280 foreign visitors. 72 journalists were accredited to the fair.

At the Tallinn FoodFair were registered 166 exhibitors and co-exhibitors. The 36 foreign exhibitors came from Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Sweden, Italy, Poland, Moldova, Holland, Georgia, Belorussia and Macedonia.

TFF program covered 13 different professional competitions, product tastings and seminars. Over 50 companies participated in competitions or other fair events. Conferences and seminars brought together 290 industry professionals.

The next, 8th Tallinn FoodFest will be held on 27.-29.10.2016.

See you at Tallinn FoodFest 2016!

On behalf of organizing team
Tiit Sarv
Profexpo OÜ manager


Greetings from Minister of Rural Affairs Urmas Kruuse

 Dear guests and participants,

New approaches and ideas usually emerge when different worlds and people meet. There is no difference whether we are talking about science, technology or food.

For the 16th, Tallinn FoodFair is a meeting place that brings the best and most innovative food under the same roof, representing the entire chain from agricultural producers to top chefs. Over 150 exhibits from Estonia and elsewhere illustrate the key trends driving the food sector, which should be kept in mind when conducting business. With its 7000 business visitors, it is a place where the paths and ideas of food professionals come together. This is important, as it lays the foundations for new values.

Food matters more and more to people. This is evident in simple things. In Estonia, we see this in the accelerating street food movement, the number of new top restaurants, the expanding product range of the food industry, the appreciation for ecologically clean food, the tens of thousands of people who visit Open Farms Day, the dozens of food festivals during Estonian Food Month and the increasing number of visitors and exhibits at Tallinn Food Fair. By the way, 500 top chefs from Scandinavia, the Baltic States and Russia also held a high-level business forum in Estonia in September. It’s a sign.

Interest in Estonian cuisine is increasing both here and abroad. Our food sector has a lot to offer and is highly valued.

However, we now have to take a brave step forward. Similar to IT, the food sector has to find the ambition to become an important and acclaimed food country in the region. We can produce clean food, we can offer it in an attractive manner and we are located near large markets. We can compete in terms of quality and innovation. This means that the opportunity to repeat the success of the Estonian IT sector in the food and drink industry is a real one.

We wish you many interesting meetings and lots of new ideas at the fair!


 Urmas Kruuse

Minister of Rural Affairs




16th Tallinn FoodFair - 28.-30.10.2015


The Tallinn FoodFair (TFF) is an internationally recognized source of trade opportunities for food related industries - from hotels, restaurants and catering services, to retailers, importers, producers. It is also featured in all related media in Estonia and the surrounding Baltic countries.

The fair, held once every two years, is designed to help food providers and those from food-tech related services tap into new markets, meet new distributors or importers and create and maintain successful business contacts. The TFF has become the main industry event for food professionals in Estonia, and as such, we regularly have over 6 000 food professionals and trade visitors in attendance. We offer our users a full range of food and beverage products, cutting-edge technology and equipment for food production and serving, as well as packaging and industrial equipment.

The TFF offers its guests the chance to take part in a wide range of varied events. These include, competitions and seminars, as well as many presentations and product tasting sessions. In addition, those interested will have the opportunity to compete for coveted and prestigious awards such as chef, baker, or confectioner of the year.

In addition, TFF plays host to the most extensive range of food produced in Estonia, so we also welcome international buyers.

We’ve been holding this event since 1993 and so we have a great deal of experience and knowledge in this sector. We’re really looking forward to hosting this latest iteration of the Tallinn Food Fair … and many more in the future!

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