Safety guarantee at Tallinn FoodFest 2020

Tallinn FoodFest is held at the Estonian Fair Center, which is the venue for such large events. The Fair Center has enough space to receive and disperse the normal number of visitors and participants. Fair halls are spacious, up to 9 metres high and ventilated. Entrances and exits are at different places. The safety of visitors is ensured by the extensive display of disinfectants and the disinfection of surfaces.

The main thing is that only people who are healthy and not known to have been exposed to the COVID-19 virus are expected to participate and visit the fair.

We organize Tallinn FoodFest under the assumption that both the food industry and the catering industry apply strict hygiene and (food) safety requirements in their daily work and what happens at the fair is no different. Health and safety are the norm!

Considering the prevention of the COVID-19 virus, the following safety measures have been implemented at the fair.
• Visitors are counted on entry and exit to ensure a acceptable number of attendees.
• Visitors enter and leave through different doors.
• Disinfectants are displayed visibly and with sufficient density throughout the exhibition centre.
• Cleaning and disinfection of common areas and toilets is carried out regularly and often.
• We recommend that participants display disinfectants for visitors to use and clean surfaces frequently.
• At the entrance visitors can buy masks, rubber gloves and disinfectants.
• We offer contactless payment at cash registers and at exhibitors.
• The use of masks and visors by the exhibitors and fair organizers is voluntary.
• Hygiene posters and other safety signs are visible.
• Ventilation and the hight of exhibition halls (up to 9 metres) improve safety at the fair.
• A paramedic is present (to advise, assist and measure temperature, etc.)
• To secure dispersal, security guards will direct the movement of people.
• In terms of visitor environment, the Fair Center is comparable to a shopping centre.
•Healthy people and those not known to have been exposed to the virus are welcome to visit the fair.

Tiit Sarv
Profexpo manager
TFF 2020 main organizer