Tallinn FoodFair participation fees

Registration fee

Registration fee for exhibitor 310 €.
Co-exhibitor registration fee 210 €.
The exhibitor is responsible for the payment of orders and that the co-exhibitor meets all terms and conditions.

Registration fee includes:

  • Free invitations 4 pcs per each rented m² (invitation value 20 €)
  • Info on foodfair website (general contacts and description, including logo)
  • Info in Tallinn FoodFair catalogue (general contacts and description, does not include logo)
  • Fair consultancy service
  • Exhibitor and constructor passes
  • Advertising according to fair media plan

Exhibition space 113 €/m²

Renting an empty exhibition space gives you the opportunity to be more creative and unique. You can order a stand building, walls, carpet, spotlights, furniture etc. from the organizer or you can bring your own. We recommend choosing an exhibition space for larger stands and concepts.

Package stand prices, €Toidumessi stendid:

6 m² 880
8 m² 1 040
9 m² 1 230
10 m² 1 360
12 m² 1 580
15 m² 1 950
18 m² 2 280
24 m² 2 800

Package stand rent includes:

  • space rental
  • side and rear walls
  • fascia with the exhibitor’s name (RGB 229, 228, 231; text black)
  • floor covering (grey, dark grey, dark blue, light blue, red, green)
  • spotlights (1/3 m²), attached to the longer open side of the fascia
  • socket 4.5A 1kW and electricity consumption
  • general lighting
  • cleaning service before opening
  • cleaning of the aisles
  • stand construction and dismantling
  • general security covering the fair centre

VAT 22% will be added to all prices.

Registration deadline is 1. September 2024.
Applications received after that date will be accepted according to available space.

The organizers can also offer ready-made stands and tailor-made solutions for every exhibit.

Tallinn City trade fair grants

Small and medium-sized businesses and sole proprietors of Tallinn, who intend to participate in trade fairs taking place in Estonia, which are aimed at establishment of business contacts; locating new distribution channels; promotion of sales. The objective is to support and stimulate the development of small enterprises in Tallinn through participation in trade fairs.


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