Tallinn FoodFest exhibitors will benefit from…

  • No 1 trade fair for food related businesses in Estonia
  • Face-to-face contact with over 5 000 professionals in food production, HoReCa, retail and wholesale from Estonia and neighbouring countries
  • Contact with over 3 000 consumers and food lovers
  • Busy days meeting customers old and new
  • Updates and new entries to your customer database
  • Media attention
  • Promotions, tastings and sales of products and services
  • Equal opportunities for large and small companies to meet decision-makers
  • Raise brand, product and service awareness among partners and consumers
  • Widest door for entering the Estonian market
  • Reliable, experienced and friendly services from the organizing team

The Tallinn FoodFair 2019 had 203 exhibitors including 53 foreign exhibitors from Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Sweden, Italy, Denmark and The United Kingdom.

Why should you exhibit at Tallinn FoodFest?
Read our client’s answers…

Our main aim was to introduce our professional equipment to our present as well as potential new customers. Our chef-trainer was there to show how the equipment works. This enabled the customers to really see and taste the foods that were prepared. We offered fair prices to those who were interested in our products. The visitors included people who were about to open their new cafeterias as well as those who needed new equipment in their existing kitchens. We received some great direct feedback at the fair.
Aneta Savason, Metos AS, Sales Specialist

The fair was organised in a manner that completely met our expectations. Our main goal was to introduce the Lindström and Comforta textile service solutions in the HoReCa sector. The food fair provided us with an opportunity to meet our existing cooperation partners and find new useful contacts that could be interested in the solutions that Lindström has to offer. The visitors were open and interested in what we had to offer. We got a lot of feedback, new experience, and a lot of motivation.
Anastasija Aksjonova, Lindström OÜ, Sales Manager

We took part in the food fair because we wanted to introduce and show our new products, get closer to the clients in the HoReCa sector, and establish new contacts. We were able to get feedback from our existing clients and receive a general understanding of how well people know the KitchenAid trademark. Our display got noticed by quite a number of visitors because our product range was colourful and varied. It was very positive that we were able to conclude several sales transactions at the fair. We also met a lot of our cooperation partners which gave us the possibility to freshen up relationships and establish new contacts. The visitors were very professional. I was positively surprised by the competent students of several vocational schools.
Erkki Vaiksaar, Home Decor OÜ, Kitchenaid Baltics, Member of the Board

As a small business we just needed to let people know that we are operating and active. We also intended to introduce our new visuals and products, and meet our long-term cooperation partners and potential new clients. We were able to fulfil all our aims and we are happy to say that people were very interested in our products. Our newest product, Evelin’s bread, was very successful and the positive feedback exceeded all our expectations.
Aivo Kanemägi, Karja pagariäri OÜ, Manager

Our main idea was to introduce PACKLAB to the Estonian foodstuff industry. At the Packaging Seminar our CEO, Ian Rooney, talked about new ideas, ways of packaging and what a crucial role packaging plays when consumers judge the brand and the quality of the product itself. It was a great experience to be at the fair as we received a lot of new interesting contacts and knowledge of the Baltic markets, which will now help us to develop and tailor our service offering to this market area. The visitors had clear aims when visiting our stand. It often surprises the decision-makers how complex packaging can be. Therefore, I consider the fair to be a good introductory platform for meeting and talking about different packaging projects.
Dick Karlsson, PACKLAB, Business Developer

As a company operating in both Retail and HoReCa segments we found the fair to be a good means of showing our products. Our main goal was to present our novelties and assortment to the existing and potential clients. There were many different people both from the HoReCa and Retail sectors interested in our products (consumers, retail chain and shop managers, cooks, restaurant owner). The fair definitely met our expectations.
Andrejs Steļmačonoks, FARM FRITES Area Manager Baltic States

We aimed to find a distributor of frozen bakery products in Estonia as well as promote our products. Not only did we find a distributor at the fair but we also established contacts with several potential customers from Scandinavia and Finland. We got real customers from the fair!
Gunta Zepa, Cannelle Bakery Export Manager

Our goal was to enter the Estonian market, introduce our products, and attract new customers. We were able to fulfil all three goals! We got noticed by several distributors and companies. At the end of the fair we were able to sign a cooperation agreement with a distributor that has a strong position in our product range (biscuits) in the Estonian market.
Toms Malmeisters, Maris & CO Export Manager


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